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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Beautiful Islamic Life

This collection of essays by one of the best known contemporary Muslim scholars writing in English covers many facets of Islamic life and thought. The author has brought together studies dealing with the practical as well as intellectual aspects of Islam in both their historical and contemporary reality. The contemporary is significance of themes such as religion and secularism.

Sincerity is one of the key elements for one's good deeds to be accepted by Allah (SWT). One advice to try to preserve your sincerity is to do some of your good deeds secretly so that no one else knows about them. This action may help prevent you from committing ar-riyaa (showing-off), in'sha'Allah. May Allah (SWT) allow us to do all of our deeds solely for His Sake, Ameen!

Islamic Philosophy from Its Origin to the Present offers a comprehensive overview of Islamic philosophy from the ninth century to the present day. Philosophizing is done in a world in which prophecy is the central reality of life—a reality related not only to the realms of action and ethics but also to the realm of knowledge. Comparisons with Jewish and Christian philosophies highlight the relation between reason and revelation, that is, philosophy and religion.
Islamic philosophy in relation to always treats this philosophy as philosophy, not simply as intellectual history. In addition to chapters dealing with the general historical development of Islamic philosophy, several chapters are devoted to later and mostly unknown philosophers.

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